13 abr. 2013

The galaxy Messier 104

This photograph was taken in 2013 april 12 with a Meade DSI Pro camera, a telescope Hokenn 200/1000 and a filter Celestron UHC / LPR. The exposure was 1 minute.
This galaxy is in the constellation Virgo. RA 12h40m00s and -11 ° 37'00 ".
At that time was 65 ° above the horizon. Its magnitude is 8.00 and its apparent size is 8.6 'x 4.2'. His name is "Hat Galaxy".
It is a type barred galaxy Sat. But is an eliptical giant galaxy.
Is 29 million light years from Earth. It is an oddly shaped galaxy. His bulky form and dark belt are rare. The center is a supermassive black hole.