7 abr. 2013

NGC 3132

I share with you this picture.
I took it at midnight between yesterday and today.
It is the planetary nebula South Ring in the constellation Vela.
It's located in the sky is AR 10H 07m 35s and -40 ° 30 '16 "
It is 2000 light years from Earth. Its size is 0.5 light year.
The star at the center of the nebula is not the cause of the phenomenon but something very near invisible in this photograph.
The visible star is younger than the star emitting gas.
They can see some interesting peripheral details.
It has an apparent magnitude of 9.87 and a dimension of 84 x 53 arcsec.
It is the first relatively cool night  in our austral autumn (about 10 ° C at home). This is good for the camera.
The broader picture is smaller than the original photo. The other picture is a cut that.
I used a Canon D450 modified. ISO 1600 and 50 "exposure.
It is the result of 73 frames processed with DSS and Photoshop.
I hope you like it!