13 abr. 2013

Another galaxy in the constellation Virgo

At this time, since these latitudes, the constellation Virgo is high at midnight.
Then take the opportunity to photograph these wonders located millions of light years away.
This photograph is of the galaxy NGC 4781. It is a smaller galaxy that the Milky Way. Has light 55,000 years in diameter.
Its coordinates are RA 12h54m24s and -10 ° 31'59 ".
It has a magnitude of 11.10. It is much more tenuous than Messier 104.
Are in Group II of Virgo. Its size is 3.4 "x 1.4".
It is a barred spiral galaxy SO class.
Within its structure is a way to hook very peculiar.
He catches sight of a smaller galaxy: NGC4784 is of a size of 1.2 "x 18" and an apparent magnitude of 15.0. NGC4781 and NGC 4784 are separated by 0.1 °.
The photo was also taken with a Meade DSI Pro camera, with frames of 1 minute of exposure.