20 feb. 2013

The Orion nebula

Also called Messier 42 or NGC 1976. I'ts in the constellation of Orion..
It is at 1270 light years from Earth. For this photo I took 184 photos of 15 "to ISO 400, with a UHF antipollution filter and a modified Canon 450D camera.
My observatory is located in a place with terrible light pollution.
Does anyone know how to eliminate the light pollution in our cities?
This photo was taken on 2012/12/12 but the process was done 2013/02/20

18 feb. 2013

An immense nebula, outside the galaxy

The photo was taken on February 12, 2013.

It took 67 lights. The exposure time was 50 ". The first was taken at 10:49 PM on 2013/02/11
It took 20 darks, 20 flats and 20 offsets.
I used a Canon 450D modified. Also a UHF filter Celestron
The photo was processed with Deep Sky Stacker; Pix Insight, Photoshop and Gimp 2.
This huge nebula is in the Large Magellanic Cloud. It is about 170,000 years light.

Old Photo - new treatment

This is a photo taken on Oct. 3, 2012. This time I processed the photo reducing the noise coming from the artificial light of the city.
This is the Lagoon Nebula.
This nebula is also called Messier 8. It is located in the constellation Sagittarius, about 5,000 light years.