12 may. 2013

6 may. 2013

Messier 83

This galaxy is a barred spiral type. It is also called the Southern Pinwheel.
It is located in the constellation of Hydra. From 1923-1983 they were in Messier 83, 6 supernovae.
Your location is: DE -29° 52 ', RA 13h 37m.
Its distance is 15 million light years. Its apparent magnitude is 7.6. The apparent size is 10 arc minutes. A beautiful galaxy.

For this photo, I took about 30 minutes in frames of 2 minutes each.
We used a Canon 450 D modified with a filter Celestron UHC / LPR.
Sensitivity: ISO 1600. Guide Celestron Telescope 70/400 with Omni 2x Barlow Meade DSI Pro camera The main telescope is a Hokenn 200/1000. Processed with Deep Sky Stacker, Photoshop and Guimp 2.8.