18 may. 2011

Building Observatory

The observatory is located on my house.

The diagram below is the previous project. On the terrace built the office and on this, the observatory with a roll off roof type.

Photographs of the construction.

This is where I built the observatory 2010_10_09

This is Owi, my cat.

The beginning of the building. 2010_12_06.

Beginning of the second floor of the Eye of Owi.

The observatory floor / ceiling of the office. 2010_12_09

2011_02_17. Building revoked. You can see the rails for the roll off.

2011_03_02. Roof construction with thermal insulation.

Detail of the wheels and close. It has 4 wheels and 4 pins.

2011_03_27. Office.

2011_04_17. The observatory area

The entrance to El Ojo de Owi.

What you see at night in the polluted sky of Buenos Aires.