23 mar. 2013

IC 2944, a nebula with Bok globules

IC 2944 is an open star cluster and emission nebula. It is the birthplace of new stars. It is in the southern constellation Centaurus. This object has a magnitude of 4.5.
Can be seen bottom left Bok globules or Thackeray globules.
The IC 2944 is at 5900 light years away.
This photo is processed with 36 lights for one minute of exposure.
The camera was a Canon 450D modified. ISO 1600. A filter UHC / LPR Celestron.
The photo was processed with Deep Sky Stacker; Pix Insight, Photoshop and Gimp.
We applied 20 flats, 20 darks and 20 offsets.
This photo is a cut in the central area of ​​the original photo.