21 dic. 2011

Photographs taken with the Meade DSI Pro monochrome camera

These images retain their original size. The field photo is about 12 x 8 minutes. Are taken at the telescope focus Hokenn 200/1000.The 3 photos are the result of about 50 lights of 30 sec, with the darks. All photos are made ​​with the Envisage program.

NGC 6528: Globular cluster, beyond the spout of the teapot of Sagittarius. Seen through the dense star field of the Milky Way. On the right is on the border of a dark nebula called Baade's Window.

NGC 2362 is an open cluster located in the constellation Canis Major at a distance of 5400 light-years, centered on the star Tau Canis Majoris, which is the brightest member, and very young, with an estimated age of 4-5 million years.
The cluster contains about three dozen stars of O and B spectrum plus over 100 low-mass stars that have not yet entered the main sequence.
Given his youth, NGC 2362 has also been studied to investigate the formation of planets around sun-like stars

Sculptor Galaxy Sculptor Galaxy (also known as the silver coin, NGC 253 or Caldwell 65) is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor. Approximately 11.5 million light years away